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The Project

This project was started as an practical training for students of computer science over one term at the department of Betriebliche Informationssysteme of the University of Leipzig.

It is now pursued by volunteers working in their spare time. As you may suspect, we are - as common - heavily understaffed. Hence, if you have interest in committing some work -

you are welcome to join us!

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  • Your subject (Maybe Implementation, Testing or Documentation?)

Unknown Author

  • Modeling and Implementation

Adrian Immanuel Kieß

  • Project Manager, Technical Assistent, Implementation, Artwork, Webdesign
  • « adrian at kiess.onl »

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Our Teampolicy; 1:1 copied, thanks to Telekom Austria. (Hachja, die Ösis rock'n)

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For now, most of these documents are written in german. We will try to convert them into english where demand requires so. New documents will be added in english.

Project Arrangement

Coders Help

Presentation Slides

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