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InstanceXL Manage Smart Datasets Via Spreadsheets

With InstanceXL you can use Smart Datasets as easy as a Spreadsheet Application already common to you.

Smart Datasets live in a globally linked database, enabling accurate searching.


InstanceXL uses the excellent Protégé Framework as its core foundation. InstanceXL can be used as standalone application or as plugin for the Protégé Editor. Additionally, InstanceXL was built with strong extensibility capabilities in mind; it would be possible to use the base of InstanceXL for displaying your data to a Web or Smart Client by simply extending the User Interface (UI) and network facilities.

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InstanceXL enables you to:

  • View Smart Datasets as Spreadsheet Representation
  • Alter the Spreadsheet
  • Filter the Spreadsheet
  • Search the Spreadsheet
  • Print and Export to various formats; like CSV, HTML, PDF and more (See sample PDF report)

Other features:

  • Multilingual
  • Navigation History
  • Integrated Help

We are pleased if you choose to download InstanceXL.

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Test Drive

Launch InstanceXL right now with just one click, using Java Web Start.

After the download finished, read and confirm the security question - InstanceXL will now be started.

Alternatively, open your shell and type the following command:

$ javaws

You can also use the instanceXL script file for easy deployment of InstanceXL on your UNIX boxen.

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