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InstanceXL Version 0.6, Technology Preview 2

Released January 8, 2006

InstanceXL Instant

Standalone Application. Everything you need to try out InstanceXL instantly, tightly integrated.

InstanceXL Protege Plugin

Protégé Plugin. Simply integrate InstanceXL into your running Protégé environment.

InstanceXL Source

Source Code. The code of InstanceXL is restricted by the rights and terms of the BSD license.

System Requirements

Installed Java Runtime Environment, version 1.4.1_06 or higher. You can download Java for: HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, NetBSD, Windows and other operating systems at no cost.

Using the InstanceXL Protégé Plugin will require you to own an installed copy of the Protégé Framework, version 3.1.

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